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Future Prospects

    Occupying an area of 9.7 hectares, the Ren-ai senior Citizens’ Home is the largest sebior citizens’ nursing institution in the country. The Home offers the most beautiful environment and the most comprehensive care and service. In the future, it will continue its efforts to improve its service quality in all sectors.

The Home will set up a recreational farm for its residents, utilize social resources to improve services, encourage its staff to adopt residents, and make residents to enjoy the home-like living environment it offers. In order to meet the residents’ medical needs in different aspects and offer them more convenience to receive medical needs in different aspects and offer then more convenience to receive medical service, the Home will provide its own place and facilities, commissioning private medical institutions to give service at the Home. In addition, the Home will continue to improve its facilities and make every endeavor to enhance its service quality.

No.1, Shenshuei Rd., Yanchao Dist., Kaohsiung County 824, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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